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My thoughts, My words

Mother, Wife, Business Owner, Expat

Life of an Expat in Korčula

Since I was small, I loved writing. It started off as poems and songs, but it was always a way for me to express myself. As I grew up, I continued to write, but privately through poems, children's books and thoughts. I have always thought about blogging. I still don't understand the concept completely, but I love the fact that it is a forum for me to express myself and my thoughts through my words. So, here I go...

About Me

I am Canadian born and living on the island of Korčula, Croatia full time since 2012. How? Long story short: Lived in Montreal, decided to go work on a Cruise Ship and met my now husband working for Carnival Cruise Lines. He was from the beautiful island of Korčula and since then, I have grown a family, a business and a group of friends I adore. Those who know me, would say that I like to keep busy. Those who know me well, would know I love to dabble in everything- gardening, website building, sewing, home improvements, cutting wood. You name it, I have probably already done it. I love working hard! Perhaps that is why I enjoy Korčula so much. I can always find something to do-whether it's something in my house, or on the farm, I am always busy.

Follow My Words

My blog will be about things I experience, my thoughts, recommendations, tips and really whatever comes to mind. I will use this as my mental release! So follow if you like :)


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