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200 Bar & Kitchen-Expats in business

I think we all feel that the Croatian Expat community has grown over the past few years, and Korcula Island is no exception.

There are so many interesting stories about what brought each of us to the island that we should dive into one of them right now.

Three years ago, Dorian and Willem needed a vacation from their day-to-day in the Netherlands and planned their diving holiday a little closer to home (thanks to Covid) and landed themselves in Vela Luka, Croatia.

Having their last coffee before departing for home, fate played its hand when they found out the Cafe Bar they were sitting at was closing down and open for rent. The seed was planted. They pictured a new life for themselves in this dreamland. Now they didn't end up renting there, but they went home and figured out a way to get back to Korčula.

The opportunity in Gršića presented itself and long story short (long because of all the bureaucratic hoops you have to jump through to open a business here, which is not easy when you don't know the law and language) 200 Bar & Kitchen was born.

Why the name? It's referencing the oxygen tank you take when you dive. Since both are avid divers and 200 bar is the optimal full dive tank, that is what they want to provide you with through your experience. You will leave their place full and satisfied.

Their menu is sweet and simple. You have some Croatian dishes and flavorful foreign plates as well. Willem is the head chef along with his local Croatian sous chef and cooks. You can trust the food is fresh as we watched them cleaning the fresh fish catch of the day. Their Thai Chicken Satay has a very delicious peanut sauce with ingredients you just can't get here!

Their desserts, were my highlight as I love sweets. The creme brulee was so creamy that I refused to share my last bite ( I mean really, who would even ask such a thing? Ask my lunch date! )

The June monthly Expat meeting was held here and the nearly 50 attendees enjoyed the beautiful view, company, and food all while celebrating the achievement of Willem and Dorian.

Korcula has a lot of amazing bays to visit, so take a drive or cycle down to this one and pay 200 Bar & Kitchen a visit! I am happy to see foreigners falling in love with Korcula, and finding a way to make it their home. The more, the merrier!


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Jul 09, 2023

So glad to see Dorian and Willem doing well in Korcula, I knew they would, as they brought so much to the community back in the Netherlands. Look forward to trying some amazing food!


Marisca Uyterlinde
Marisca Uyterlinde
Jul 08, 2023

Wow... love to see you two with a beaming smile like this! Very inviting article and photo´s! Good Luck! 😘

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