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What to do in Korcula: 
Our Guide

First you need to understand that our recommendations our based on our personal preferences. These may not be the best places for you, but based on our likes, this is what we would do. Our friends will have a completely different list and that is understandable because tastes are individual. So join us on our journey.

Family, budget friendly, kid free getaways, love to eat, bang for your buck, relaxed.

We recommend a stay in Korčula is a minimum of 7 days long. Those who are here for less regret that they booked a short stay and plan to return. There is so much to see and do!

Island Hop:

Take a hop on hop off taxi boat and visit the picturesque islands of Badija & Vrnik. Spend the day at the beach and feed the deer next to the monastery on Badija.

Take a hike! Or walk or cycle: There are plenty of routes that you can take- we are just exploring them now as our kids have graduated out of the stroller. We recently went to Kocje- loved it. Korcula was known as Korkyra Nigra because of its bountiful forests.

Walking, Hiking, and biking trails here.


It's Friday Yeah!

Friday is reserved for Lumbarda. We would spend the afternoon at the beach ( Lumbarda has two sandy beaches Przina and Bilin Zal, which are shallow and ideal for kids, but also has some more rocky areas for those who like to be more on their own). The beaches have restaurants where you can get a snack. In the evening you can find us at Fisherman's night in the heart of Lumbarda. Locally cooked specialities such as grilled fish, octopus salad, makaruni and more can be found at the little stands. This is not to be missed.

Lumbarda also has some nice wineries to visit and their special Grk wine to try. Check them out on our Attractions page.


Watch a Performance

See a show or performance. Moreska is our son's favorite: a traditional sword dance protected by Unesco. A tale of a captured princess being taken by an army and being saved by another army. 


Throughout the season there are also musical concerts in the cathedral and other performances and festivals around town. Check out our weekly events section to see what's going on during your stay.

Take a Guided Tour

This is the best way to see parts of the island. Choose one based on your interest:

Wine tours, bike tours, buggy tours, boat tours, fish picnics, semi submarine ride, old town guided walking tour, kayaking tour! You are sure to find one that suits you.

Try some of these:


I'm Hungry

We love to eat and feel full :) We look for affordable prices, tasty food and a nice atmosphere. Our favorites are below:


Want something in town? Restaurant Levant/Blue Korcula is where to go. Situated just across the marina, it has a cafe, a bar/night club and a restaurant. It is newly renovated with a modern decor. The prices are reasonable and they have some basics like pizza and a kids menu! Big Plus :)

*Konoba Belin in Zrnovo- quaint setting: try their Belin Steak!

*Marco Polo in Kneze- quaint setting, good portions: Try their Makaruni in meat sauce

*Dalmatino in Kneze- Great view, swim and eat, try their seafood platter for 2.

*Fast Food Bajt- My favorite quick snack. Love their kebabs!

Mlinar Bakery- Fresh baked goods

In Old Town:

Marco Polo restaurant

Pub Nordes - burgers

Pizzeria Pape- good price and assortment on the walls of Old Town

Pizzeria Tesoro- Pizza baked in a speical Italian Oven

Aterina- Assortment for vegetarians


Honorable Mentions:


Daily lunch specials at  resturants Skver and Planjak

Michelin Star- Lesic Dimitri

Michelin recognition- Konoba Mate Pupnat

Asian Food- Silk Street Food

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