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Coffee in Vela Luka-Uff... that's too far!

You know you have submerged yourself into the culture of living on an island like Korčula, when traveling across the island is now a day trip for you.

Most foreigners who come here have lived in the big cities. To grab a coffee with a friend, visit the library, or buy groceries, you were used to a minimum 25-minute drive up to 45min depending on traffic. That was normal. That was acceptable. That was the daily commute!

When you first got to Korčula, you didn't understand why the people around you thought visiting the other side of the island was far? And now you do.

The city pharmacy moved from the main gate into town to the new shopping center SPOT. What a tragedy! The move was a 7-minute by foot difference. How were people supposed to get their medication now? What was Korčula to do?! Yes- that was the reaction from the people living in Old Town, who were used to the convenience of having the pharmacy at their doorstep. Change is hard for everyone, but this one felt funny.

The new port is being built in Žrnovska Banje and I am already dreading it. I live under Spot shopping center and I find it so central to it all. Now I would have to travel an extra SEVEN WHOLE MINUTES *BY CAR to get to the catamaran. I probably will never leave the island again.

The bus station will also be moving near Plodine-thank goodness I just got an electric scooter or I would just give up! Everything is now just too far! *Please know I am joking in case it is hard to tell with my writing.

I am guilty though. Guilty of postponing a visit to Prigradica, which I hear is beautiful- because it is too far.

I am guilty of skipping coffees or lunches in Blato because It does take an extra 30 minutes to get there, by car.

I am guilty of never seeing Vela Spila in Vela Luka because- well that's a day trip!

I am more likley to go to Split than to go to Vela Luka- and the latter is closer (40-45minutes, less if you drive like a real islander!)

But that is the reality when you settle in to life on the island. Distances which were normal and easy seem terrifyingly far and so much trouble. What is with that? My mentality is that anything past Žrnovo is just too far.

Your thoughts?


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