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Korčula, a place I call Home.

Korčula, an island located in Southern Dalmatia, is not usually the first city that pops into people's mind when they think of Croatian expat settlement, but that is slowly changing.

With the 10 minute ferry connection to Orebić, and multiple catamaran lines which more than triple in the summer, you can tell that Korčula is growing in popularity amongst tourists and those looking to work and live abroad.

The city of Korčula has 3 large supermarkets: Tommy, Konzum and Plodine, where you can more or less find everything you need when it comes to groceries. Add to that Jysk, providing the home and furniture necessities and stores like Kik, Mana and Planet Obuća for clothing and shoes needs. You need building materials, tiles, household appliances or bike parts? You can find it on the island! And if you need more variety, online shopping is just a click away.

When people stop on this island, usually after visiting Hvar or Dubrovnik, they appreciate the tranquility. It has that summer buzz you are looking for, with pockets of peace and quiet you crave on a vacation.

For those of us living here throughout the year, we experience the winter lull. Yes, most restaurants and tourist shops close, people leave and you are left with the bones. But those bones are enough. If you can keep yourself busy and enjoy in nature and pockets of solitude, this is the place for you.

Bigger cities like Split, Zagreb and Rijeka do have larger expat communities and are usually the top choice for Digital nomads and expats, but Korčula definitely has a growing presence as well. With the International Club Korcula and the Facebook group Expats in Korcula, foreigners are finding ways to connect and share their experiences. Monthly meet ups and outings brings a sense of community and interaction that was missing to those of us who migrated to the island before the increased digital presence.

There is no doubt, that with the increasing infrastructure and development, Korčula will become a favorite to the Expat Community looking for a peaceful destination that has it all.


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